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"Unlike other genres, pop's numerous limitations (everything from the simple verse-chorus-verse song structure to its love of melodies to its goal of pleasing as many listeners as possible) means that pop music creators must refine their music to achieve greater musical goals. And really great and progressive pop music, when it succeeds, sounds more compelling than nearly anything else. Boycut traffics in this same realm while pushing its music a little bit further. It's compelling stuff." - Chicago Tribune

"...a brazen pop record, an indisputably catchy exhibition of technical prowess and savvy taste in melody" - Smile Politely Magazine

"We didn’t know what was next. Boycut turned out of the way at the last minute, avoiding the never-ending pileup of wannabe projects that lay in a cloud of smoke which reeks of worn out Grimes and Purity Ring records, and uses the electronic template as a promising pivot point that highlights songwriting first and production second." - Ghost Track

"The sound engineering on Meland’s part is remarkable and Otnes’s vocals blend with the music in a way that seems effortless, yet still edgy" - Buzz Magazine


released July 24, 2015

All music written and produced by BOYCUT

Wave (official video by Swede Films) -

Klevah - Guest Vocals (Fire) -

Cover design by Scott Durand -



all rights reserved


BOYCUT Chicago, Illinois

// infectious atmospheres //

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Track Name: Wave
You've got me thinkin bout you
You take me on a ride
I want my arms around you

You know you leave me hangin when you're lookin like that
It comes like a wave, I need you back
Never wanted anybody so bad
I know it's kinda crazy cause I said goodbye
And it's been such a long time


Remembering the days when I had you
Remembering the ways it was bad, too
You've got me thinkin bout you

Waking up, nothing makes sense
I gotta get you outta my head
Breaking up never made me better

Track Name: Fire (feat. Klevah)
Red lips, wide hips, I'm your fire
On/off like a lighter
(Can't keep me long)

Burn like flames and cool like ashes
Smoke in air, we love, we vanish
(Can't trust this heart)

Daydream, midnight lover
Sparks fly far out to another
(To another)

Hold me, hold on
You feel the fire until it's gone
It's right, then it's wrong
The flames will die when morning comes

Hold me (daydream)
Hold on (midnight lover)
You feel the fire until it's gone (fly out to another)
It's right (burn like flames)
It's wrong (cool like ashes)
The flames will die when morning comes (we love 'til we vanish)
Track Name: Alien
Touch me, even when we're far away
Feel me, all across the galaxy
Is that your body moving? I see it in the sky
Watching you move, is it all in my mind?
Is that your breath on my skin, is that your lover's sigh?
We are the space between us
We are unconfined

The stars separate us
The ones that created us
Shine silver like your skin
Are you light reflecting?

My hands are your hands on me
I'm falling from your gravity
Can you tell me if you feel it, can you tell me when you
My hands are your hands, my touch is your touch
I feel our bodies moving, I feel them sanctify
The glowing of your figure, the prism of your eyes
Track Name: Fragment
I can feel your warmth
I feel it here
Underneath the music

Come across the floor
And under the lights
Bring me back to life

If you want to hold me, then just hold me here
If you want to know me, put your arms on my limbs
They were always shaking, but now they're held up high
When my heart was breaking, you loved me back to life

I can feel the rhythm escalate
Closing my eyes I want you to stay
Left you under the shadows, where I hide
Bring me back to life

Love me back to life, make me feel alive
Track Name: Pulse
Won't you come back my love?
In this time apart I've been thinking
How I miss your touch
How I miss your fingers on my skin

Won't you come back my heart?
Still belongs to you, it has not left
Our bed is still warm
My pulse is rising in my chest

And you can lift me higher, high up
I need you like oxygen, high up
Can't you hear me sighing, high up
I need you like oxygen

Holding my breath for you, I love the taste of you on my lips
Don't let me exhale (won't you come back my love?)
There is a fire inside, keeping us alive
And it's rising still...

I need your love, I can't escape
You lift me up, you call my name
It's sinking in and I can't keep on hiding
I can feel you, your love surrounds
Higher, high up, above the clouds
Oh, you're pulling me up from my heart now